Launching the International Ecosocialist Forum

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The current sanitary crisis is undoubtedly the consequence of the capitalist mode of exploitation,production,consumption and trade. Its predatory character has depleted nature, biodiversity and has overturned our relationship to living things, whether they are animal or plant species. The effects are amplified by the pressures of fiscal austerity and by the short-sighted cuts of the public services; Sanitary and social consequences are significant. This crisis has clearly established that capitalism is contradictory with the general interest of the future of life on Earth.

When facing a situation of social, democratic and climate emergency, as well as austerity policies, offshoring and free-trade logics and losses of state independance, Ecosocialism stands as a unifying concept and a powerful political alternative for our civilization.

The Left Party is working on making Ecosocialism a pivotal theoretical doctrine against contemporary capitalism, but also practical in order to present solutions and concrete campaigns to the popular movements, and to the French and international political parties.

Last November, our national council adopted a resolution to hold an International Ecosocialist Forum. A steering committee started to work on this specific subject in March 2020, before lockdown, and began with a thorough and extensive bibliographic review, as well as an update of the already published 18 theses for Ecosocialism, and by mapping out national and international actors to engage a common work with.

The Left Party is now announcing the launch of the process of the Forum. It is aimed at all the partisans and supporters of the Party and of La France Insoumise, and their partners in the social movements, as well as the leaders of organizations and collectives, intellectuals, activists, artists, and concerned citizens.

The Forum  is a running process that will culminate with an International Convention by the end of the first quarter of 2021. But before that, the Forum  from now on will take multiple shapes, through a plethora of meetings, hearings, publications, broadcasts, themed local projects, on the regional and international level, aiming at re-actualizing a manifesto for ecosocialism, and thus leading to a reinforcement of an ecosocialist network from the grassroots to the international level.

Ecosocialism – Leggi in italiano – Read in english – Lire en français – Leer en espanol

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