The international ecosocialism

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Today, humanity faces several challenges, a sanitary crisis, an economic and financial crisis and an ecological crisis. All of these crises have a common feature: capitalism. Acceleration of the climate urgency has generated an acute sensibilization of our society to that issues bolstered by the covid-19 crisis. President Macron declared ‘we are at war’, or, as said Lenin, war is an history accelerator.

In reaction to these crises, people rise up: once more, France seems have shown the way with the yellow vests movement last year. Since then, social uprisings are countless: Hong-Kong, Soudan, Equator, Chile, Lebanon, Algeria, Iraq… All continents are impacted. Even if they have diverse motivations or origins, these mobilizations have a common feature: the workers’ willing to take back their destiny at hand against elites that behave as disconnected from ecological and social threats weighing on the society.

In front of that unprecedented situation and in ‘an end of reign’ atmosphere, the old capitalist world reacts in various manners. On one hand we find politic leaders as Trump or Bolsonaro, who deny the global warming and continue the mad dash climate-killing politics for national economies profit. In the other hand, green clad politicians get determined to continue as nothing had happened. Reactions in the capitalist world are diverse to let show that things are changing so as having nothing to change.

We also shall organize ourselves in order to reply to that international of neo-liberalism.

This is a confrontation, a truly political debate opposing two visions of society. On one side liberalism and on the other side a humanist project. We advocate sovereignty of people everywhere in the world against a handful of ultra-rich people who have in fact made secession apart from the common goods to live only upon their private possessions.

With the Left Party we defend a political project for the twentieth century: the Ecosocialism. It does not mean only uniting red and green: it shall be both at once because one has no sense without the other one in the same time. We shall be promoters of an alternative that does not oppose ecologic and social issues. In our last national congress, we reaffirmed our party’s commitment to launch the international congress for ecosocialism.  Ecosocialism is together an ideology prone to think a constructive political strategy to overcome the neoliberal capitalism, but also a useful tool with concrete solutions to be implemented. These are these two features we shall fuel, implement and share.

As at the time of socialism, ecosocialism is deeply internationalist. It should not be though at an only country scale because it is the same system that crushes our lives and destroys our environment. We shall work internationally at peace, denounce the imperialist interventions and the organizations at their service as NATO, and free trade treaties and the austerity politics imposed on people by organizations like IMF or WTO.

The response to capitalist offensives can only be international. It shall nonetheless have a start, and it is the purpose of this international congress of ecosocialism we wish to organize. Protection of workers, and of the environment, nationalization of strategic economic sectors, public services development, the easing of fiscal grip on the poorest and the right taxation on the richest, checking of representatives by the people to be represented are the means of a successful ecologic and social planning; the only method able to lead to a society freed from the race for profit and social strife.

Simon Berger, Rémi Carrère, Thibault Graindorge, Florence Poznanski

Traduction : Jean-Paul Rubaux et Pierre Mourier

Ecosocialism – Lire en Français – Leggi in Italiano – Leer en Espanol

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